Best Tips of All Time In Survive

Short-Lived FINDING TIME YOU read this page, then you will get the benefits that would not priceless: Life

The key is whether you are a trained Safety or whether the following key-the key of life: the most basic Principle is that you can manage 3 things.

The BRAIN is how much of the knowledge and skills that are stored in our brains.The more you know and you’re good at, the higher the chances of life, “because you can take advantage of any around you”.

EQUIPMENT, no matter how small tool that will help you have a life anda.misalnya straws, you can suck water from a puddle and plants.

SPIRIT, There is a will to live. “If you are desperate and just expect help, it will end your own panic and stress

3 ways to get water:

First you must get up at 4 am, because that’s when the animal moves to the civilization and you can get water easily, “is actually a sip of water a day is enough to sustain your life.
Plants that store water include:
> Bag-bags (eg, pineapple)
morning dawn water generally gathered at the base of the leaf. how to get it: sucked through a straw, can be from the pen, reed rods, bamboo rods are small or can also dip the handkerchief and then squeezed the water
> Have a midrib. where water is at the base of the leaf. if too high, you can tear or puncture a little on the bottom of its midrib. if low dip the handkerchief and then squeeze the water

> Put a cloth or handkerchief over the moss. squeeze the water above the drinking water reservoir, if the fabric is wet.
> Using the condensation-evaporation effect. look for leafy trees, just low enough, then wrap the end of branches select a lot of leaves, tightly in plastic. then it will gather water in plastic. do in many trees.
> Puddles. suck through a straw or other tools. do not be scooped up by hand because it will create a pool of kotordan unfit to drink. but the best way to drink is a drink from a puddle duck style!

REMEMBER! You can freely search for water at 4 o’clock morning. increasingly hard to come by late morning. Generally periods of “wet” ended at 6 am


very useful right?



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1 Response to Best Tips of All Time In Survive

  1. Vivi Mantiak says:

    This is my hobby, I get the inspiration and knowledge in terms of survival.
    thank you very much for tips for me

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