Your Heartburn .. ! Potato solution

Many people know that regular potato as food in the consumption as snacks, but you do not know that potatoes can be a traditional ulcer drug that is natural and appropriate we calculated in modern times, you curious?

Let us be peeled how potatoes can be a very efficacious drug for heartburn you are suffering.

  • The first step: Choose seed potatoes that are small or thumb as much as 5 pcs potatoes then wash it
  • The second step: The potato is steamed over rice is almost cooked
  • The third step: After the potatoes cooked, lift and ready to eat but it is different from usual, take 1 piece of potato with rice and then eat the potatoes with the skins until they run out of all, it feels good to treat the pain anymore.
  • The fourth step: Do every morning for 7 consecutive days. Let’s see results that you get !!!

Hopefully can help your health solutions

Good Luck

Note :

Praying with faith each to the Gods for your Healing


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simple, flexible, sociable, solidarity, like the challenge,like new things adn tips
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